PREVIEW: How to Create a Mixed-Media Face by the Numbers – s05e11

November 8, 2019
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Two words can make people shake in their shoes; Draw and Faces. I have to admit that drawing is more intimidating than playing with a pencil and a few dots, dashes and numbers, so guess what we’ll be doing? If you trust the process and follow step by step, you’ll have a wonderful mixed-media face in your Art Journal in no time!

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I bet you’re wondering how Mixed-Media Faces by the Numbers came into being. It all began when I wanted to find a way to create faces with guaranteed success. That’s a pretty tall order! Basically, if you draw 2 eyes, a nose and mouth, you’ll have a face but it may not look quite the way you envisioned it in your imagination. Look at Picasso’s faces or examples of primitive face artwork. All are interesting and charming in their own way, but what if you want to create a more realistic face?

A few years ago I when teaching lots of doll making classes, people were continually tripped up by the face. When showing them how to draw an eye shape or a nose and mouth I frequently heard, “I can’t do this!” I had to find an easy way for them to create a doll’s face and that’s when I wondered about using a rubber stamp. Thought became reality, and our Fun Faces Rubber Stamps were born. New doll makers grew in confidence with successful, predictable results. Stamps for doll faces are small and mixed-media faces, when used as a focal point for an Art Journal page, are usually much larger. (Insert tapping fingers here.)

I wanted everyone to have a way of creating a face so that success is predictable. I didn’t want you to have to purchase a stencil, even though that’s a great starting point. I wanted you to have a formula with which to create any sized face with a good proportions. Once you know basic placement and size, you can make adjustments for expression and individual characteristics. (Still tapping fingers.)

A template that YOU create is the answer! I’ve used this technique many times with super results. I’ve changed the size and still had great results. I’ve shifted parts of the template slightly and achieved a more stylized or emotive face. All I can say is that this works!!

Are you ready to give it a try? You’ll need just a few supplies for this class and your favorite Mixed-Media Art Journal. Be sure to download your Class Notes so that you can follow along as you watch the video class. It’s a looonnnggg video, so be sure to grab something to drink, take lots of breaks and get ready to have a lot of fun creating Mixed-Media Faces by the Numbers.

I truly believe that you’re going to love this process. See you in class!

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