Distress Paints Without any of the Stress

April 3, 2015
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Video Class:

Let's make an art journal page with Distress Paints. These cool paints are just about perfect! Gather your supplies, leave all stress at the door and let's plant a garden on your journal page. Ready? Click the play button in the middle of the video.


What you will Learn:

How to Use Distress Paints

Who needs stress when you create? Not me! Not you!! Get Distress Paints here.

What is Texture Paste?

How to apply texture paste on paper. You can buy one of my favorite pastes here.

Adding Gesso

What's the point of using Gesso? It's great stuff! Get a great Gesso here.

Planting Paper Flower Gardens

Ever thought of a paper flower garden? Watch the class and see how to do just that. Start with beautiful paper napkins. Get them here.

Class Supplies you will Need:

Art Journal

Distress Paints

Texture Paste


Heat Tool

Paper Napkins


Scotch Quick-Dry Glue


Palette Knife

Flat Brush

Pitt Artist Pens

Gelly Roll Pen

Date Stamp

Craft Scrubbie

Text Paper

How To - Distress Paints:

When it comes to Art Journaling, who needs stress? Art Journaling is a wonderful way to combine color and words to chronicle your life or experiences, for self-expression, to let off steam or just for the fun of creating.

I love using all kinds of art supplies in my journals. Paint allows me to get color on the pages quickly, but some paints are thick and create lumps. Some paints never seem to dry and leave the pages tacky. Some paints drive you crazy when you add something on top and they disappear into thin air. There has to be a way to take the stress out of using paint in an Art Journal, right?

Tim Holtz Distress Paint to the rescue! But as soon as you fix one problem, another one shows up. Isn’t that always the way? Although Distress Paints are water-based, they dry a little slower than some other paints and they are somewhat reactive with water. Once you learn how to play with these awesome paints, I bet you’ll want to own the entire collection of colors.

Tim and Ranger Industries developed these paints to be used on multiple surfaces and because they are reactive with water, they are perfect for a wide variety of techniques. They are packaged with a dauber top so you don’t even have to use a brush with them, making a mess-free application. Gotta love that! Distress Paints dry to a matte finish and can be used with stamps, paper, wood, metal, glass, and plastic.

For this class we’ll be combining several colors of Distress Paints, texture paste and paper napkin collage to create a fun, easy 2-page Art Journal spread. You can create your pages in any mixed media Art Journal or even a composition notebook. Whatever you like to use will be just fine.

If you have a favorite quote you’d like to use, keep that in mind, too. I love using words in my Art Journal. You can stamp your words, use your own handwriting or print them in your favorite font with your printer.

If you’re ready to eliminate stress from your Art Journal pages, just click the play button in the video and join this stress-free class.

Class supplies include:

Download Class Notes:

Download Class Notes - Illustrated Tutorial

Illustrated Tutorial

Download Illustrated Tutorial Class Notes for this video. 

Download Class Notes - Text Only

Text Only

Download Text Only Class Notes for this video.

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How to use Distress Paints in your art journal. These cool paints are just about perfect. Leave stress at the door and create with Barb.

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