Gannon – Hand Carved Basswood and Painted Santa – 12 inch


Gannon (did you know that was Santa’s first name?) is returning to his sleigh to refill his favorite, well-worn treasure sack. Mrs. Claus has tried for years to convince Gannon that he needs a replacement, but he will not hear of it! Gannon insists that it would be like retiring a dear friend! So Mrs. Claus settles for sprucing up Gannon’s robe and hat for the long journey each Christmas I wonder where he’s delivering that beautiful tree? Gannon stands 12″ tall.

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Each Tiger Claus creation begins with northern Basswood, imagination and the knives and carving gouges in R.L. Owen’s hands. Once the carving and detailing are complete, each piece is painted and finished by Barb Owen who acts as scribe for the stories whispered to her by each Santa. Once 40-60 hours have been invested, each Tiger Claus Carving is finished and ready to go to its forever home.