Alden – Hand Carved Basswood and Painted Santa – 16 inch


Alden is an old friend, as his name suggests. When you meet Alden, you’ll feel like you’ve known him forever! Alden’s generosity is symbolized by the many packages that spill from his stocking and stack up around his feet. He has much to do but he’s never too busy to stop and drink a cup of hot chocolate with you. Can you believe that each package is individually carved AND painted, too?! Alden is 15½” tall.

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Each Tiger Claus creation begins with northern Basswood, imagination and the knives and carving gouges in R.L. Owen’s hands. Once the carving and detailing are complete, each piece is painted and finished by Barb Owen who acts as scribe for the stories whispered to her by each Santa. Once 40-60 hours have been invested, each Tiger Claus Carving is finished and ready to go to its forever home.